BASIC GUARD - Compensation Plan

Transcript of the Compensation Plan video

We’re now bringing world-leading personal safety to Africa!


You have an unique opportunity to create your own business, while at the same time helping to protect friends and family.

By recommending Basic Guard to everyone you know, you’ll be receiving a monthly commission in our exclusive Referral Programme.

The way this works is really simple.

There is no registration fee and you can spend as much time on your business as is convenient for you. Obviously though, the more effort you put in, the greater your rewards will be.

All that you need to pay, is the monthly $49 subscription fee, which gives you access to the Basic Guard personal safety service. After that, by sharing your registration link with other users, you earn a commission on everyone who joins, by using your invitation.


As your network grows, so do your earnings.  Commissions are based on 4 levels, using multiples of 7. Let me show you how this works:



  • You start off with 7 subsribers,

  • then level 2 is 7 x 7, which equals 49 people

  • Level 3 is 49 x 7, which comes to 343 people

  • And then finally, level 4 is 343 x 7, which gives you 2401 people



You earn money on each level and, thanks to our innovative system, even if someone drops off (and there will always be some who do!) we ensure that you still get paid, by moving another person up from a lower level to fill that gap.

As an example of how much you can be earning, have a look at this:


  • You start off by sharing your invitation with 7 people, so here you will be earning $14.

  • Now, if they each just tell 7 more people about Basic Guard, you would be earning $294 a month.

  • Where it gets really interesting though, is at level 3, where you can see the awareness really starting to spread.

  • As before, if everyone on level 2 shares their link with 7 people, not only will they be making nearly $300 each, but you will be making a substantial $2401 a month extra!

And then, the level which we’re all aiming for- level 4!


  • Again, it only needs everyone to recruit 7 people who want Basic Guard Emergency Safety, and you’ll be earning $16 807 each month, plus another $2700 from all of the previous levels.

  • That’s a total of $19 507 a month, and it all started with you finding just 7 people who were concerned about their personal safety and security.

Knowing how much we all worry about our safety and that of our family, and what we’d do in an emergency, you’re going to want to tell a lot more people about this, than just your initial 7 members!

It’s as simple as that, and is easily done from the comfort of your home or office - in your spare time. Encourage your team to do exactly what you are doing and watch your network and monthly income grow, while giving them peace of mind with the Basic Guard personal safety system.


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