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When you have 10 or more employees and understand that you have a Duty of Care responsibility to protect them - the BasicGuard Personal Safety Service has you covered




Knowing where your employess are at all times, provides both you & them with an additional level of security.

Emergency Notification

With just a push of a button or a shake of their phone, your valued employees are able to instantly get help in any emergency.

Commuter Safety

Looking after employees doesn't start & end when they are at the office - provide them with 24/7 protection, wherever they may be.

Lone Workers

People working on their own are vulnerable.  Ensure thier safety by knowing where they are and being able to detect should they have a fall, be incapacitated or need any asistance.

Emergency Services

If you already belong to an emergency service, such as an Ambulance or Security provider, BasicGuard can be easily linked - to provide a quicker, more efficient response!



Qualify for our discounted Corporate Package - you only need a minimum of 10 employees, or a group of 10 or more people.

$15 per person (1,650 KES)

Working Cafe

Hope is not a strategy - when it comes to looking after the safety of my Team!

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