Frequently asked questions

How do I get Basic Guard onto my phone?

When you register for Basic Guard you will receive an sms containing a link to download the app. Click on this link and the app will be automatically added to your phone. Ensure that the location service has been enabled for the most accurate GPS positioning. Allow all other permission requests and fill in your personal details. Should your handset not be capable of running Basic Guard, you will receive a message advising you of this. Older handsets and operating systems do not always have the required ability to ensure that the features of the app operate correctly.

Does Basic Guard only work in my home country?

Basic Guard will work anywhere in the world - provided that you have either a data or wi-fi connection. The notification to your Emergency Contacts is done via our server and therefore you do not need to have a contract in the country that you are visiting. This makes Basic Guard an ideal emergency safety solution wherever you are travelling, particularly when you are not able to accurately tell someone where you are. We would suggest that your Emergency Contact list should also include local people that would be able to assist you. For convenience, you may wish to group your contacts by country or region. You can subscribe for family members in any part of the world, who you also wish to have covered by Basic Guard. Just remember to insert the correct country dialing code when adding their registration details.

Will Basic Guard work if my phone is NOT turned on & what effect does it have on the battery life of my phone?

Your phone must be switched on and you need to be logged in to Basic Guard for all of the features of this app to work. As Basic Guard runs in the background, like many other apps, the effect on your battery drainage is minimal. At the time of an ALERT however, the increased frequency of tracking and sending of the video will increase battery use by about 10%.

What happens to the information from an alert?

Everything related to an incident is automatically sent from your phone to our secure Cloud storage. This is done so that the information is available should your phone have been stolen or destroyed. The evidence is accessible to prosecuting authorities, if it is required to assist in a conviction. You can also view the history of your alerts by logging into your profile page.

How can I trigger a discrete or silent alert?

We realize that it is not always appropriate to have a piercing alarm being set off. For this reason there are customizable settings for different situations. For instance, in a domestic abuse situation you would need the alert to be sent out to your contacts without escalating the current problem. The Stealth profile can be activated discretely, without it changing the appearance of your screen or without in any way drawing attention to the fact that you have sent out an alert or are recording the incident.

How many Emergency Contacts may I add to my profile?

There is no limit on the number of Emergency Contacts you can have. All of them will be notified should you activate an alert. For convenience however, we recommend that you group your contacts based on location (eg. work), relationship (eg. family) or activity (eg. running or cycling group).

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